Lavezzi 'devastated' by uncle's death

Jorge Lavezzi, the 60-year-old relative of the Paris Saint-Germain forward, was shot on Tuesday and his brother Diego revealed the family's shock at his sudden death
Paris Saint-Germain winger Ezequiel Lavezzi has been "devastated" by his uncle's death, according to his brother.

Jorge Lavezzi, 60, was shot in the head in Argentina on Tuesday, with local media citing police sources as suggesting he was killed in his car for resisting armed robbery while going to buy fish in the city of Rosario.

The PSG forward's sibling, who is chairman of lower league Rosario club Colonel Aguirre, expressed his sorrow and shock at his elder relation being killed this week.

"The reality is that our uncle went almost every day to buy fish from the river for 20 years," Diego Lavezzi told LT3. "But due to the insecure times we live in today...

"Ezequiel's devastated. We are going through a terrible time. Our families were so close, we were very united.

"It was not a settling of scores or anything like that. We thought something like this happens to others but not to us."

No arrests are believed to have been made yet related to Mr Lavezzi's death in Rosario, which is known for its high murder rate.