Makelele cleared of assaulting ex-girlfriend

The former Real Madrid and Chelsea midfielder, now retired, has been acquitted by a French court after claims of an assault in 2010 were made his former partner
Former Real Madrid and Chelsea midfielder Claude Makelele has been cleared of assaulting his ex-girlfriend by a French court, despite being threatened with a jail sentence at previous hearings.

The Paris Saint-Germain assistant coach had been accused of punching former partner Thandi Ojeer during a dispute in October 2010.

However, her case was dismissed by a judge and she was forced to pay £72,300 [€90,000] in compensation and fined a further £1,600 [€2,000] for bringing an unsubstantial civil claim to court.

Makelele has denied the claims, although he did admit that there was a dispute with the party planner when she arrived at his house to collect clothes and belongings four months after the end of their relationship.

Neither Makelele or Ojeer were present at the hearing despite the prosecutor lawyer suggesting he should have been jailed for five months.