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The Argentina legend is astonished at the Three Lions' early elimination from World Cup 2014 and blames the lack of a winter break and failure to blood youngsters correctly

Argentina legend Diego Maradona is shocked at England's early elimination from the World Cup and wants to see action from the Football Association.

Roy Hodgson's men were beaten by both Italy and Uruguay before Costa Rica's victory over the Azzurri confirmed that they cannot qualify from Group D after just two matches.

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Having done battle so memorably with the Three Lions in his playing days, Maradona is astonished at the issues still faced by England, declaring that they "can't go on like this".

"This failure surely has to send a message to the FA authorities," he said on his Argentine television programme, 'De Zurda'. "England can't go on like this.

"England have a long history in the game and getting knocked out in the first round is not something that England fans should take easily."

Maradona sees a failure to implement a winter break as a significant reason behind the Three Lions' international struggles, as well as a lack of proper experience for young talent.

"Things need to change. I can't believe England is the only place where football is played during the Christmas and New Year's break," he continued. "Players are fatigued.

"Youth are not to be tested or tried at a World Cup. Youngsters should be tested at Under-20s level. This is a World Cup and you have got to bring your best players here. I don't think England did that."