Maradona warns England: Uruguay can eat teams alive

The two sides meet in Group D on Thursday having both lost their opening games, with the Argentina legend backing the South American team to triumph in Sao Paulo
Diego Maradona has warned England that Uruguay can "eat you alive" ahead of their crucial World Cup Group D game.

Both sides lost their opening matches, with the Three Lions falling 2-1 to Italy and Uruguay beaten 3-1 by Costa Rica, leaving both in desperate need of a win in Sao Paulo.

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Argentina legend Maradona admits that he would love to play in such a game and feels that the South Americans pose the greater threat of the two sides.

"Oh, how I'd love to play in a match like this," he told De Zurda. "This match will be so good.

"This England side can be beaten. I saw them against Italy. The thing is, when Uruguay are with their backs against the wall, they can eat you alive."

Maradona is supporting all the South American sides at the tournament and feels that Chile's 2-0 win over Spain proves that the continent does not need to copy European methods in order to succeed.

"We South Americans, we shouldn't try to copy Europeans. We should play our own game. To see Spain being beaten by Chile, the way they were beaten, made me very happy," he enthused.

"And I have nothing against Spain. I just want all South American sides to do well."