Redknapp: England do not know how to play football

The QPR manager has called for change in the national set-up, saying coaching needs to improve in order for the senior side to stop underachieving at major tournaments
QPR manager Harry Redknapp has hit out at the England team, saying the Three Lions “do not know how to play football”.

The senior side have come under criticism following recent performances against Brazil and Ireland while the Under-21s crashed out of the European Championship in Israel after losing all three group games.

Writing in The Sun, Redknapp has called for big changes in the national set-up in order to improve English football.

"I am passionate about the England team at all levels and get terribly disappointed when I see us perform so abjectly against other countries when we have such great individuals,” he wrote.

"But the overriding problem we all face is that English football must change. And it has to come from the very top of the game.

“That means manager Roy Hodgson getting involved with coaches at every level working in the same direction.

"We do not know how to play football. We just boot the ball up the pitch and it gets us nowhere.

"We don't have the kids coached the same way - the right way - from a young age. As a result we have a senior team that is greatly underachieving.”

Redknapp also says the Three Lions' underachievement is not down to a lack of quality players, but because of the standard of coaching.

"Look at the so-called 'Golden Generation' of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole etc,” he added.

"Man for man there wasn't a country on Earth that could match that on paper. But together they never produced because we just hoofed the ball forwards into channels and hoped for the best.

"In international football you cannot just hit and hope because you give the ball away. It's all about possession, retaining the ball, controlling the game. We need coaches who believe in that ideal."