Manchester United star Paul Scholes: 'Maybe I should have gone with England to World Cup 2010'

United man suggests call from Fabio Capello may have made a difference
Paul Scholes has suggested he feels regret at rejecting the chance to return to the England international scene, admitting that one of the reasons he turned down the offer to turn out at World Cup 2010 was Franco Baldini spoke to him, not Fabio Capello.

The Manchester United midfielder suggests that the proposal maybe should have come from the manager himself and not his assistant, and that he believes, had he been given more time to think the offer over he may well have travelled to South Africa.

"It was difficult. He [Baldini] rang me the day before [the squad announcement]," he said. "I probably just needed a bit more time.

"I thought after a week, a couple of weeks, that maybe I should have gone. I am not saying I would have made a difference. I don't look back and think it didn't go well for England because I didn't go. I am just saying it was a chance to play in the World Cup and I turned it down.

"It wasn't until you start seeing all the build up to the tournament and I thought maybe I made the wrong decision. It wasn't the manager who rang me but Baldini. It was flattering."

On the subject of Capello not inviting him personally, the 35-year-old added: "I don't know. Maybe it might have meant more [if he did invite me personally]. I thought it wasn't much time. That's why I probably said no, not just because he had given me a couple of hours to think about it but the fact I needed a bit more time to think about it.

"I am not saying it definitely would have been different but I think it might have been. I did not expect it. It wasn't even on my mind. I got a phone call the day before asking me if I fancied it and saying I had a couple of hours to decide. I don't know him [Baldini].

"I am saying I might have made the wrong decision but I am not saying I would have made a difference.

"With regards to Wayne [Rooney], I play with him every week I know what he wants and the rest of the players know what he wants. I am not saying the England players don't know what he wants because he has been successful with them for the last four to six years. For some reason it did not work out for the team."

Scholes went on to discuss the forthcoming Premier League season, insisting that "the last thing" United want is to see fierce rivals Manchester City overtake them.

"The last thing we want is City above us," he continued.

"It has not happened since I have been here. We will have to see what happens there. They have bought so many players. Whether they can gel together remains to be seen.

"It is great for the city to have two top teams, but I'd rather them be in the Second Division like they were 10 years ago! There has always been big rivalry between us anyway but even more so with the power they have got."

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