Aulas refutes Domenech's criticism of Gourcuff

The Olympique Lyonnais chief has said the former France coach’s remarks about the midfielder in his book are in the past and have no relevance to French football in 2012

Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has dismissed Raymond Domenech’s criticism of  Yoann Gourcuff during the 2010 World Cup stating that it is no longer relevant.

The former Bleus coach attacked the playmaker in his book Alone over his behaviour during the tournament in South Africa as well as branding the rest of the squad a “bunch of imbeciles”.

Aulas, however, has defended his player, claiming Domenech’s views no longer bear any importance.

“The media will have the intelligence to realise that it is all in the past and this mini controversy has no place,” Aulas told reporters.

“It is, above all, completely out of step with the controversy which arose in the South Africa. Yoann is very strong mentally and will pass something by which doesn't make sense.”

Gourcuff signed for Lyon in the summer of 2010.