SFA are treating me like a child, insists Celtic manager Lennon

The Bhoys' boss was caught swearing at St. Mirren captain Jim Goodwin during Sunday’s game and declares he will fight any disciplinary hearing that comes his way

Celtic manager Neil Lennon believes the SFA are treating him like a child for his use of "industrial language" and will fight any disciplinary action.

The 41-year-old has been pulled up by compliance officer Vincent Lunny after he was caught by Sky television microphones giving a foul-mouthed rant directed at St. Mirren captain Jim Goodwin on Sunday.

The Northern Irishman currently has a three-match suspended sentence from an incident during Celtic’s Scottish Cup semi-final defeat to Hearts last season and Lennon is adamant he will fight the charge at a disciplinary hearing on April 18 at Hampden.

“I think Vincent feels he is obliged to make this charge and I will defend it as vigorously as I can,” Lennon told reporters.

“There is industrial language used everywhere in football. We are not children. We are at the highest level of the SPL and it goes on all the time whether that be on the pitch, in the dugouts or in the crowd.

“If they are going to charge me then there should be a string of managers, a string of players and they should evict people out of the crowd.

“People say we should set an example to kids but the example should start in the home.

“I can’t legislate for something I have said during the course of a game being broadcast live on TV then me getting dragged up for it.

“If the SFA hadn’t made a point of this then it would have been forgotten about very quickly. What it is doing is highlighting something that is pretty trivial.

“I don’t want to say too much because I can’t, but I’ll defend my case as strongly as I can.”

The incident was not recorded in the referee’s report and was brought up after complaints by members for the public.

Lennon added: “There was nothing in the match official’s reports and nothing in the fourth official’s report.

“We do have a responsibility at times but the confinements of the dugout should be left to the fourth official, that’s what he is there for.

“What goes on there should remain there, or if he feels there is anything untoward or beyond the call of appropriate behaviour then he should make that call. I’m being done by trial by TV.”