Rangers boss McCoist hits out at Scottish FA

The former Scotland international has struck out at his country's governing body over the 'hostile' attitude directed at the club after they were granted conditional membership
Rangers boss Ally McCoist has hit out at the Scottish Football Association over the "ludicrous situation" the newco club have been put in.

Months after entering administration, the latest reincarnation of Rangers Football Club has been granted permission to begin their 2012-13 campaign with a Challenge Cup clash at Brechin City on Sunday.

The new club, under different ownership from the previous Rangers, will bear the same debts and 12-month transfer ban under the conditions of their conditional Scottish FA membership.
McCoist has launched an attack on the Scottish FA in response, claiming they have a "hostile" attitude towards bigger clubs and that they suffer from a "lack of leadership".

"The SPL seem determined to pursue as hostile an agenda as possible,” he said in a statement. "They kicked us out of the SPL - which was their right - but that doesn't seem enough.

"In my years in professional football, I have not always agreed with everything the SFA did or said. But, no matter what you thought of their decisions, there was no doubt they ran the game firmly and robustly.

"I can only imagine [former SFA secretary] Ernie Walker looking down on us now and shaking his head in disbelief at the sad state of affairs.

"Not only are they withholding our prize money for last season - they won't tell us how much it is but we reckon it to be about £1.3 million. And having said they don't want us - they do want a bigger share of the TV money that our presence will bring to the SFL and its clubs.

"And along with one or two people who have a vested interest within SPL clubs, our right to past titles will be challenged. They want what we and our fans bring, yet seem determined to strip us of every bit of our dignity. It has to stop."

Despite taking a seemingly relentless plunge from the top of Scottish football and falling into huge financial woes, newco Rangers seem intent to start a fresh chapter in the history of their club.

The Rangers Football Club will begin life in the Scottish Third Division next month, with the league as a whole expecting boosted attendances, which averaged at just 485 last campaign.

"Sadly, only one Scottish football body has offered us any help or assistance - the SFL," McCoist added. "I would like to thank David Longmuir, Jim Ballantyne and 29 of their 30 member clubs for inviting us into the SFL. We are grateful for the opportunity."