Platini: European superleague would kill off domestic football

Uefa's president has raised concerns over the possibility of a centralised European league being formed as it would be detrimental to a country's domestic game
Uefa president Michel Platini believes that a European superleague is an unrealistic concept, which could destroy domestic football in its current format.

There has long been talk of Europe's biggest sides, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid leaving La Liga and forming one centralised European competition alongside the rest of Europe's heavyweights.

However, Platini fears for the future of domestic football if a European league was to be established.

"I don’t see a European league being possible in either the short or medium term," Platini was quoted as saying by AS.

"It isn’t easy to take Real Madrid and Barcelona out of La Liga, and the same goes for the two biggest teams in every country.

"What would happen to the other Spanish teams? The league would be dead. And the same would happen everywhere else.

"The federations don’t want it, neither do the leagues."