German FA will not force Sepp Blatter to step down, says president Wolfgang Niersbach

The supremo was happy that the 76-year-old clarified his previous comments regarding corruption in the country and insisted the organisation will not make him resign
The head of the German Football Federation (DFB), Wolfgang Niersbach, has guaranteed that his governing body will not request that Sepp Blatter steps down as Fifa president.

Blatter sparked an angry reaction in Germany when he suggested that the 2006 World Cup had possibly been awarded to the country as a result of corruption.

The 76-year-old sent an open letter to German newspaper Bild to clarify his comments on Tuesday, saying that his intention was not to hint that the vote was rigged, but that "You can always find a smokescreen to doubt the legitimacy of a decision".

And Niersbach welcomed that clarification at a press conference, which was attended by

"I am happy he set things straight and that he did not want to imply anything," he said.

His first comments were completely wrong. He should have acted how he did now in the first place.

"There will not be any initiative from DFB to force Blatter to step down. He can only be dismissed by the congress. Or he can stand down himself."

It was recently announced that former Fifa chief Joao Havelange, along with other top officials, had taken bribes from former sports marketing firm International Sport and Leisure.

And Niersbach praised the governing body's decision to create an ethics committee, which will include German judge Joachim Eckert, an expert in high-profile bribery cases, to investigate previous and future incidents.

"This ethics committee has the clear mission to examine these issues with the ISL, that is the right step," the DFB president added.

"It is good to clear up these things from the past."