Santos hit out at Brazil's Menezes over Neymar comments

An official from the Brazilian club has lamented the 49-year-old coach's statement that does not fully back the player's decision to put on hold a potential move to Europe
Santos vice-president Odilio Rodrigues Filho has launched a scathing attack on Brazil coach Mano Menezes over his comments regarding Neymar.

Earlier on Sunday, Menezes had suggested that Neymar should move to Europe to distance himself from the never-ending scrutiny that he is a target of.

The Seleccao coach is of the opinion that the pressure on the 20-year-old could hinder his progression, but Santos have quashed such suggestions.

"It is a shame that the coach of the Brazil national team does not acknowledge the effort of a Brazilian club to keep a talent in the country," Filho told Lancenet.

"Neymar has a lot to learn, he is getting better every day. Santos are investing to avoid exporting a player, which is what is normal here. So it is regrettable that he said this.

"Santos play international matches, we are always competing in international tournaments which allow Neymar to show his talent outside Brazil.

"Neymar is improving day after day, getting more mature, and staying in the country has not hindered his growth.

"Mano should support us. I respect his opinion, but I think that what he said is sad."