Jack Warner vows to expose Fifa president Sepp Blatter with explosive email

Suspended president of CONCAF says he will show Blatter's wrongdoings with an e-mail sent in the direct aftermath of controversial meeting in Trinidad
Suspended president of the North American and Caribbean federation (CONCACAF) Jack Warner has vowed to prove that Fifa Sepp Blatter has been involved in corruption.

Along with Mohamed bin Hammam, Warner has been suspended pending the end of an investigation into allegations of bribery surrounding supposed payments of up to $40,000 to delegates at a meeting in Trinidad in exchange for votes for bin Hammam to become Fifa president.

Bin Hammam and Warner deny that they are in any way connected to the scandal despite FBI director Louis Freeh, who is conducting the inquiry, submitting evidence including photographs of $100 notes in brown envelopes, to Fifa’s ethics committee.

In a bid to be cleared of all charges Warner threatened to expose more scandals with a
“football tsunami” but according to the Mail on Sunday, Freeh is probing new allegations.

Thirteen Caribbean nations have denied that the alleged meeting took place but a whistleblower said: "For 13 CFU associations to claim nothing happened is demonstrably false.

“There are witnesses who saw people — among those very same people who sent in those letters — walk into the room and out of it.”

Sepp Blatter was not subject to scrutiny as the committee cleared him of any allegation of wrongdoing last Sunday but Warner is determined to not go away quietly.

“When you come on Sunday . . . I will read for all of you the email I sent to Mr Blatter immediately following the meeting in Port of Spain,” he said.

‘The email I sent to Mr Blatter is crystal clear and it tells you what happened at the meeting and, of course, what transpired.

“That email went to Fifa, has never been made public and Sunday it will be.”

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