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The 79-year-old claims England's complaints are motivated by bitterness at losing presidency in 1974 and labels the country's media coverage of Fifa "mostly lies"

Fifa's senior vice-president Julio Grondona has hit out at England and its media following the FA's failed bid to convince the Congress to postpone Wednesday's presidency election.

FA chairman David Bernstein had earlier proposed to the Fifa congress that the re-election of president Sepp Blatter should be postponed to allow time for a full independent investigation of the governing body to take place in the wake of a series of damaging corruption allegations against several of its senior members.

The motion was defeated by 172 votes to 17, and before delivering a scheduled speech to the Congress as head of Fifa's Finance Committee, Grondona took the time to launch a comprehensive attack on England and its media.

"It cannot be that the problems always come from the same side," he said.

"Since 1974 [When Englishman Stanley Rous lost the presidency], things have changed and it seemed that this country didn't like it... Now, we are in 2011 and they still seem to always have something to complain about."

The English media have published several allegations against Fifa in recent months, with the Sunday Times alleging several members of the governing body's Executive Committee offered to sell their World Cup bid votes in exchange for cash bribes, and the BBC's 'Panorama' accusing several others of unlawfully profiting from the sale of broadcast rights and stadium tickets for numerous World Cups.

Grondona dismissed the stories as "lies" motivated by what he considers to be a malicious agenda which the English media has towards Fifa.

"We always have attacks from England which are mostly lies with the support of journalism which is more busy lying than telling the truth," he added. "This upsets and disturbs the Fifa family.

"To present such a project as David Bernstein presented is like shooting a penalty because it cannot be always from the same place that the insults and problems come from.

"I see it at every Congress. They have specific privileges with four countries having one vice-president. I don't know what our president has said.

"But we have seen the World Cup go around the world, to South America and Africa and it looks like this country does not like it.

"It looks like England is always complaining so please I say will you leave the Fifa family alone, and when you speak, speak with truth."

In an interview with a German press agency on Tuesday, Grondona labelled England "pirates", and added: "Yes, I voted for Qatar, because a vote for the US would be like a vote for England. And that is not possible.

"But with the English bid I said: Let us be brief. If you give back the Falkland Islands, which belong to us, you will get my vote. They then became sad and left."

Selemani Omari, president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's football federation, also chose to condemn the allegations made by Lord Triesman of impropriety against four members of the Executive Committee during England's failed World Cup bid, for which so far no corroborating evidence has been found.

"We are ill at ease with people who wield unfounded accusations - he who accuses must provide evidence," he said.

"Fifa belongs to 208 national associations and not to one association, we must not seek solutions through the media or a Parliament in any third country."

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