Concacaf president Jack Warner 'laughed like hell' after hearing of corruption allegations from Lord Triesman

Fifa's executive committee member moves to discredit the former chairman of the FA, and says that England should be looking closer to home to find out why World Cup bid failed
Concacaf president Jack Warner has hit back at corruption allegations from former English FA chairman Lord Triesman.

Warner had been accused of wanting £2.5 million in exchange for his vote to back England's World Cup 2018 bid, with Triesman also alleging that other members of Fifa's executive committee had asked for bribes in return for their support.

England's bid to host the 2018 edition of the World Cup, however, went out at the first round of the voting process, with Russia going on to win the right to host the tournament, and Warner has denied that corruption played any part.

"First of all, I laugh like hell because it took those guys from December to now [to say] that I have £2.5m I believe," Warner said, according to The Guardian.

"I never asked anybody for anything.

"When these guys came here, we promised to help. I showed them a place where they can put a playground. They promised to come back but they never did. That's all.

"What is painful is that the FA spent £19m on a bid, [but] the only vote they got is the English [Fifa executive's] vote. How come not even one person from Europe voted for them? They're looking for all different reasons. Why don't they, in a dispassionate way, sit down and ask why not one European voted for them?"

Warner also took aim at Triesman's exit from his post as chairman of the FA, which took place under controvesial circumstances amid allegations of Russia and Spain bribing referees at the World Cup.

"The important thing is that I think nobody of substance really takes those guys seriously," he said.

"Triesman was unceremoniously removed. Where is his credibility? I hold my head tall because I can stand up and tell the world I never accepted anything. People who know me would be totally dismissive of that nonsense."

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