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Man who had led campaign alleges that Jack Warner, Ricardo Teixeira, Nicolas Leoz and Worawi Makudi all attempted to bribe English FA in exchange for their votes

Former FA chairman Lord Triesman has accused Fifa members of attempting to bribe him in order to secure their votes for England’s unsuccessful 2018 World Cup bid.

Lord Triesman gave details of the incidents of the alleged corruption to MPs on Tuesday after he was called before the House of Commons' culture, media and sport committee to discuss England‘s failed bid.

The ex-FA chairman has accused four Fifa members of trying to bribe him, including Fifa vice-president Concacaf president Jack Warner, who denies any wrong doing, of allegedly requesting for £2.5 million to be channelled through him.

“He said that he was very concerned that he believed that after all his years in Trinidad and Tobago football, he had nothing that he could regard as his legacy,” Lord Triesman told MPs.

“What he had in mind was that some sort of school or educational establishment should be built, which had some affinity with football."

According to Lord Triesman, the request for the £2.5m by Jack Warner was made during a meeting between the pair and Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards.

He added: “I said immediately that in my view that the proposition was out of the question.

“Sir Dave said, 'you must be joking Jack, you're talking about maybe £2.5m.'

“Jack Warner nodded at that, he didn't say anything, but then said the funds could be channelled through him and he would guarantee that they were appropriately spent.”

Lord Triesman's allegations

Jack Warner
Worawi Makudi
Ricardo Teixeira

  • Requested £2.5 million

  • Asked for TV rights

  • Demanded favours

Warner denied the allegations, which he dismissed as a "piece of nonsense from someone who no doubt feels he can revive his political career by mentioning that foolishness."

He told Sky Sports News: "I have never asked Triesman nor any other person, Englishman or otherwise, for any money for my vote at any time.

"In the English World Cup campaign, before he was unceremoniously kicked out, I have spoken to him on his initiative on only three occasions, while I have spoken to his other colleagues on other occasions and not one of his colleagues will ever corroborate his bit of trivia.

"I have been in Fifa for 29 years and this will astound many, I'm sure including persons like David Dein and Geoff Thompson. This is the last I intend to say on this matter."

Lord Triesman also alleges the president of the FA of Thailand, Worawi Makudi, asked for control over the TV rights of a friendly between England and Thailand in return for his vote.

He has also claimed Paraguayan Fifa executive Nicolas Leoz asked him for a knighthood and alleged that Brazil's Ricardo Teixeira said: “Tell me what you can do for me when you come to see me.”

Fifa president Sepp Blatter reacted to Lord Triesman's allegations by stating: "If it is true I will fight this. I am fighting to clean up Fifa. I cannot answer for individual members but I can't say if they are all angels or all devils."

Lord Triesman was forced to step down as FA and England 2018 chairman a year ago after taped conversations about the bid ended up being reported in a Sunday newspaper.

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