Goal.com readers vote Darren Ambrose’s strike as the best goal Manchester United have conceded at Old Trafford

You believe that the 27-year-old’s 35-yard wonderstrike for the Eagles in the League Cup was the best goal Alex Ferguson’s men have conceded at home in the Premier League era
Goal.com readers believe Darren Ambrose’s midweek strike for Crystal Palace against Manchester United in the League Cup was the best goal the Red Devils have conceded at Old Trafford during the Premier League era.

Sir Alex Ferguson decided to field a number of fringe players for the encounter, but his side were still widely thought to be favourites for the match. However, due to a fine strike from substitute Ambrose, who had only been on the pitch for 20 minutes, and a late header from Glenn Murray, Palace managed to come out victorious.

The quality of the 27-year-old’s strike led pundit and former United player Gary Neville the best he had ever seen them concede at Old Trafford in the past 20 years. So we turned to you to see if you agreed with Neville’s praise of the goal.

Despite tough competition from some world-class players, a massive 49.14 per cent of you agreed with the former Red Devils right-back, earmarking Ambrose’s goal as the clear winner. Ex-Real Madrid and Brazil star Ronaldo took second place with 17% of the votes.

Meanwhile, 9.3% of you chose to specify ‘other’ as your choice, with a selection of fantastic suggestions (see comments below). Other notable inclusions were Craig Bellamy on 6.77%, Raul on 5.71% and Gabriel Batistuta, who claimed 5.44% of the vote.


How has Ambrose’s goal got so many votes? It was a screamer, but nothing compared to the legendary Ronaldo's hat-trick. I'll take a Champions League hat-trick over a Carling Cup goal any day of the week. - Nate, Northampton.

Honestly... that Ambrose strike was simply perfect. If you watch closely, you can see the ball actually picks up speed the closer it gets to goal. Absolutely impossible to save, not even with three goalkeepers. - Giggs, Manchester.

I reckon so [that Abrose's was best]. Watching the ball, it was hit so cleanly. It dipped into the top corner where no human could save. There was no fluke about it. Some may vote Ronaldo because of his storm of a performance overall, but Ambrose gets my vote! – Aaron, Ireland.

I’d go for Arjen Robben’s goal in the Champions League a couple seasons ago. From a Franck Ribery corner, he volleys it on the full from the edge of the box, that was the away goal which put Bayern Munich ahead. Stunned silence at the Theatre of Dreams. I’m a Man Utd fan, but I couldn’t help but admire the goal. - White Pele, Auckland, NZ.