Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung denied permission to travel to Britain

The Hong Kong businessman facing money laundering charges has had his plans for visiting the UK dashed, but Blues boss Chris Hughton is confident it will not affect his side's form
Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung, who has been charged with money laundering in Hong Kong, has been denied permission to travel to Britain a day before his scheduled departure.

Last month Yeung had been granted permission to leave the region by a district court, but following a prosecution appeal; the Hong Kong High Court has reversed the initial decision.

Yeung had been due to watch Birmingham’s Europa League clash with Braga on Thursday during a four-day visit but has now had his plans dashed.

"The prosecution appealed on the ground that there was a risk that he might not come back," Yeung's lawyer Clive Grossman told reporters.

"I haven't spoken to him but I would imagine he is disappointed."

The 51-year-old owner was arrested and charged back in June, although the exact nature of the allegations still remains unclear.

However, Blues boss Chris Hughton is convinced Yeung's current plight will have no impact on the performance of his side in their opening Europa League group match,

Speaking to reporters, Hughton said: "It's something I'm aware of.

"But my biggest responsibility at this moment is setting up a team for a very difficult match tomorrow.

"That's where all of my energies and focus are, as well as that of the players, and that alone.

"We can't talk about longer term because at this moment we have to face what is in front of us.

"The only area of real concern for us is a series of games coming up, initially against a top-quality team in Braga."