Agent: Financial Fair Play is making rich clubs richer

Belgian representative Daniel Striani unleashes onslaught on Uefa as he takes the fight over controversial FFP rules to the courts
By Hocine Harzoune

Belgian agent Daniel Striani has explained his decision to challenge Uefa's Financial Fair Play (FFP) as he believes the new regulations will only further increase the gap between rich teams and the smaller clubs.

Striani's lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont already announced earlier this week that they will challenge FFP at the European Commission. Dupont became a household name in sports-law in 1995 when he represented Jean-Marc Bosman in his fight against the existing transfer system in football, eventually resulting in the Bosman ruling.

"The rules will lead to restrictions in terms of investment, will diminish the number of player transfers that take place and will also bring down the revenues of player agents," a statement released by Dupont read.

"This rule also impacts upon the right to free movement of capital, to free movement of workers and to the free availability of services."

Striani has now added that FFP will not only have a negative impact on the profession of agents, but will also prevent smaller clubs from challenging the traditional big clubs.

"Financial Fair Play will further increase the gap between big clubs and smaller teams. I mainly work with the latter, hence my concerns," Striani told Goal.

"I don't know whether other agents share my opinion or whether clubs will follow my example, but I'm confident about the outcome."

Uefa, meanwhile, fully believes that FFP is in line with existing European law.

"The European Commission, the European parliament, the clubs, the leagues and the Players Union have all given their total support to Financial Fair Play," a statement form European football's governing body reads.

"Uefa believes that FFP is entirely in line with European law."

FFP was introduced by Uefa president Michel Platini with the idea to introduce more discipline and rationality in club football finances, to encourage clubs to compete within their revenues, to encourage long-term investments in the youth sector and infrastructure and to protect the long-term viability of European club football.