Control your own football club with Big Shot 2 - The Chairman

The Facebook game puts you in the role of team supremo and gives you the chance to compete against friends and thousands of others for chance to win exclusive prizes
By Luke Matthews

'Big Shot 2: The Chairman' has launched in conjunction with MasterCard’s ‘Witness History’ Uefa Champions League campaign and allows football fans to take control of their own virtual club on Facebook.

Players control everything from choosing a stadium to selecting a manager and team with the opportunity to win prizes throughout this year’s Champions League.

After creating their club, players need to allocate resources wisely in order to choose a stadium, manager and team within budget.

Big Shot 2: The Chairman
You can play the Big Shot 2: The Chairman on Facebook right HERE
Big Shot 2 is like a more personalised form of fantasy football. Selecting a stadium, your first task, can define the club, as your three options range from a huge arena with big moneymaking potential to a small, more intimidating ground that reinforces home advantage. I plumped for the middle option, which, while giving myself a bit of both benefits, obviously limits the impact of each of them.

There are some important decisions to be made just after when you're prompted to hire a manager and a squad of players. Each individual is given a star rating out of four, the higher the mark, the more expensive the price as you'd expect.

Due to my autocratic tendencies, I appointed the cheapest manager available as a token gesture. I also opted for an expensive strikeforce in an attempt to recreate Chelsea under Roman Abramovich's current era, a decision that appeared to be paying off in my opening fixtures, winning three out of four to kickstart my campaign.

As matches are played and more ‘Big Bucks’, the game’s currency, are acquired, the squad can be strengthened with more expensive signings, although players are limited to five actions per week, so this isn’t a game that will take up too much of your time.

With the added score prediction contests, Big Shot 2 is an enjoyable way to add a bit of friendly competition to this year’s Champions League amongst your Facebook friends.

The person who accumulates the most 'Big Bucks' at the end of each month picks up official Champions League matchday red and yellow cards, a €50 pre-paid MasterCard along with a football kit.

There are also prizes for second and third-placed individuals while the ultimate winner in May will also be given the official Champions League final match ball! Not bad for a free Facebook app right?

Play Big Shot 2 | The Chairman HERE