Schuster: Chelsea set a terrible footballing example

The German trainer has attacked the Premier League club for their negative attitude last term, while also taking time to discuss Arjen Robben as well as Real Madrid's youth academy

Former Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has declared himself “fed up” with the negative tactics employed by visiting sides when they play Barcelona in the wake of the Catalans' hard-fought 2-1 Champions League win over Celtic on Tuesday, stressing that Chelsea set a bad example last season.

The German says he does not like seeing teams set up to just defend when they line up against the Spanish giants, like the Blues did in the semi-finals of last year's edition of the Champions League.

“I’m fed up of seeing these type of matches,” said Schuster to ABC.

“There shouldn’t be teams like [Celtic] in the Champions League.

“We saw it last year with Chelsea. It was a very bad example for football and it is regrettable that they became champions.

“You see Celtic defending with 10 and almost snatching a point, and that’s not fair.”

Schuster also had his say on Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben, with whom he worked at Real Madrid from 2007 until 2008.

"He's the type of player who gets injured quickly. But he's also very determined and always wants to return as soon as possible.

"That's not always easy for a coach, because he puts a lot of pressure on you. I'm not surprised with his behaviour at Bayern. I experienced the same at Madrid."

The 52-year-old then went on to pour scorn on Real Madrid’s youth academy, claiming the club is always looking to improve the squad but they rightfully neglect to look at the academy’s players.

“The youth academy is a lie. When you are at Madrid there is so much pressure nobody remembers the youth team.

“There are certain games where you put them in because you know you are going to win easily. You are looking for other solutions, but not from the youth team.

“Real Madrid have to win. If you don’t, you are not worth anything. It is best if you play well and win. [Fabio] Capello played badly and won. Few have done it and one of them was [Vicente] del Bosque. The rest just needed to win. What counts are titles.”

Real Madrid were beaten 2-1 by Borussia Dortmund in Wednesday night’s round of Champions League games.