Dickov hoping to be rewarded for hard work when Oldham host Liverpool

The Latics manager has been forced to prepare for Sunday's FA Cup clash without many of his backroom staff due to a cost-cutting exercise at the cash-strapped club
Oldham manager Paul Dickov is hoping his side's FA Cup clash with Liverpool on Sunday can provide reward for his recent hard work.

Latics assistant boss Gerry Taggart, fitness coach Paul Butler and reserve team coach Lee Duxbury have all been put on gardening leave as the club looks to save cash this month.

The departures have piled even more pressure on the 40-year-old former Leicester striker, but he remains hopeful of a brief respite when the Reds arrive at Boundary Park.

"It's been tough the last few weeks but there are two ways you can go about things - spit out your dummy or roll up your sleeves up and get on with it," he told the Daily Mail.

"That's something I had to do as a player and it's something I'll always do.

"The toughest part was, as well as being my staff, they're my friends. It was hard to tell them but we've got a good relationship. I didn't feel undermined. If I did I wouldn't be here.

"The average working day is around 26 hours! We've been scouting for a long time as we haven't got a network. I'm watching games, taking training and doing the reserves. But no one has ever got anywhere without hard work."

The fourth round fixture could earn Oldham as much as £300,000, money which the Scot believes could provide a real boost.

"It's important to us," added Dickov, who has arranged to use the training facilities at his old club Manchester City during the snowy weather.

"The upkeep of the club isn't just season to season, it's day to day and week to week. People don't realise that we'll have players on Sunday who are earning £150, £250, £500 a week.

"It's no secret that financially the club is really struggling at the moment. So to have a tie like this will give it a little bit of security and stability."