Blackburn advisor says club will sack manager Kean if he loses three matches in a row

The Rovers supremo has revealed he could show the unpopular coach the door if the club fail to get points on the board at the beginning of the Championship season
Blackburn Rovers' global advisor Shebby Singh has stated that the club will sack manager Steve Kean if he loses three games in a row.

Singh oversees the running of the club on behalf of the owners, Venky's, and was speaking at an open forum with fans organised by the Blackburn Rovers Action Group, where he revealed that failure would not be acceptable this year.

"I am here to be successful and I know what it needs to get out of the Championship and so far nobody has disagreed with me at the club," he stated.

"The owners have said to me do what you are doing, continue doing it - the manager has not said to me we should have signed so-and-so, or we don't need so-and-so.

"For me it is all about results. For me, after three games if we have dropped nine points, we would quite literally only have a 50 per cent chance of getting promoted, so everyone has to start from day one."

When asked if the club could sack Kean, Singh answered: "If we lost three games on the trot, definitely, yes."

The manager endured long periods of abuse last season as Blackburn were eventually relegated, with fans calling for his head on a regular basis.