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The 36-year-old striker, who has also played for Manchester City and Leeds United during his career, could be set for a return to English football at the Championship club

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler could be set to join Blackpool for the remainder of the season, manager Ian Holloway has revealed.

The 36-year-old striker has not played for an English club since leaving Blackburn Rovers in 2008 but has been training with the Championship side this week.

Holloway has confirmed that the former Manchester City and Leeds United striker, who has 26 caps for England, has shown an interest in moving to Bloomfield Road.

Talking to Ian Wright on the Absolute Radio Rock N Roll Football Show, he said: “Well we’ve got 10 weeks of the season left and he came and trained with us yesterday.

“I had a lovely phone call from someone who said, ‘Would you be interested in Robbie Fowler, he’d love to come and play for you?’

“So good gracious me, what a compliment that is for me, but we had him down yesterday - wonderful, wonderful lad.”

Holloway believes Fowler would be an excellent addition to a squad pushing for a top-flight return just a season after being relegated from the Premier League.

“[The chairman is] going to ring him tomorrow and try and sort something out, so I’ve got everything crossed,” he added.

“I’m trying to teach people things and work with people, and the best way of doing it is showing them by having a great senior pro who can do it.

“As I say, I think Robbie’s another one; I think he’s fit enough, I had a look at him yesterday.

“It’s all about whether he wants to do it - you don’t ooze class like that and then forget how to do it, and off in a pocket for us, him behind the front, I won’t have to teach him anything and he won’t have to run that far.”