Welbeck frustrated with wide role at Manchester United

The 23-year-old refuses to commit his future to the club after becoming disillusioned with being played out of position at times this season, preferring his task for England
Danny Welbeck admits he is frustrated playing in a wide role at Manchester United and refuses to confirm that he will remain at the club this summer.

The 23-year-old made 36 appearances for United this season but argues that being deployed on the left flank, instead of a central position, has restricted his effectiveness on the pitch.

"It does get frustrating. You want to be playing in a certain position and you're not getting the opportunity to do that," Welbeck told reporters.

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"It's the same for everyone - when they are being played out of position they don't really like it.

"I'd like to play central. I've been playing on the left for a while and it's got to the time where I want to stake a place up front.

"My goals-per-game ratio is better for England. I'm much more free up front as there are three in midfield and three up front. That way there's a bit more defensive cover rather than me being that defensive cover.

"For United I'm more likely to be left wing of a four-man midfield with only two centre mids so it's a bit more difficult for me to maybe make those runs to get in and score those goals when I've got to think about my defensive duties as well. Maybe I'm kind of let off the leash a bit more for England than United."

When asked if he wanted to leave, Welbeck replied: "I'd rather not answer that question."

The forward, who is in the England squad for the World Cup, also hit out at David Moyes's suggestion earlier this season that he should stay behind after training sessions to work on his finishing.

"I was pretty surprised, to be honest," said the striker. "I've grown up at Manchester United and been professional all through my career and I always do extra work. It’s born and bred in me to do extra work after training.

"He came out with that statement but, before then, I had been doing extra training. Maybe he just didn't see it."