Premier League chief executive Scudamore will face 'no further disciplinary action' over sexism

The 54-year-old was exposed to have used derogatory terms and innuendos regarding women but 17 top-flight clubs back him, citing a "previously unblemished record"
Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore will face "no further disciplinary action" for sending sexist emails.

The 17 clubs who were not relegated from the top flight this season met on Monday to discuss Scudamore, who was revealed to have sent messages using derogatory terms about women and referring to "female irrationality".

The 54-year-old's comments, exposed by his PA, drew criticism from Heather Rabbatts, chair of the Football Association's Inclusion Advisory Board, as well as prime minister David Cameron.

The division's title sponsor, Barclays, put its disppointment at the emails on record, while FA chairman Greg Dyke called them "totally inappopriate".

The Premier League, however, emphasised its belief that there was no "culture of sexism" in its halls and that Scudamore had a "previously unblemished record" which was taken into account.

It cited "no evidence of wider discriminatory attitudes or inappropriate language or a general attitude of disrespect to women", while the chief executive himself offered an apology.

"Entering into email exchanges of this nature was wrong and the apology I have made is sincere, as is the contrition I feel," Scudamore asserted.

"These exchanges do not reflect my views towards women in football, the workplace or in general."