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The band's frontman Van McCann explains why a "disastrous" Danny Welbeck should be starting for club and country and believes David Moyes should stay this summer

Goal spoke with Catfish and the Bottlemen frontman Van McCann about Manchester United’s season, David Moyes’ future and why Danny Welbeck is the “amazing disaster”.

How’s the season gone in your opinion?

To be honest, I’ve tried to stay in the studio or on the road as much as I can. Not watch as many games. I quite like him [David Moyes] he plays positive football, he brings strikers on and even if we’re winning he’ll bring strikers on. I like that.

Towards the end, Fergie seemed a bit senile to me. He’d bring a right-back on if we’re 4-0 down. So yeah, I like him.

So you’d keep hold of Moyes?

Yeah, he’s the best we’ve got. Love the one you’re with.

What do you think is needed at United this summer?

I think we should be starting Welbeck because he’s clumsy and he’s brilliant. He’s like an amazing accident. I love Welbeck, he scores goals for fun, when he does score he gets into positions where even he doesn’t know how he does it. No one can stop him because he does things that even he doesn’t know he’s doing. I rate him, I think we should start Welbeck.

Who do I think we need? We need some new defenders. A new centre-back, I reckon. We need to get Ruud van Nistelrooy, wherever he is.

What did you think of the Bayern Munich defeat?

I watched the first leg because I said from the start of the season when United had a bit of a rough patch that I thought we might win the Champions League.

I think in the first leg they looked pretty good. The lads watched it while I was recording and they said United started well but switched off like they always do. I try not to think of it too much.

And what do you think of the prospect of no Champions League football for at least 18 months?

I don’t know. It’s going to be weird. I was going to say ‘there’s always next year’…but it’s the year after isn’t it?

I’m not too fussed. I reckon he wants to get right to the bottom to try and build it back up again. I reckon he’s a genius and he wants to show how good he actually is.

To be honest, I enjoy watching them now than the last two seasons with Fergie being in charge.

Obviously I love Fergie. I know this sounds stupid but I’d rather lose 4-0 and go for it than win 1-0 and just sit there. Towards the end of the season they were just winning 1-0 like that, for me. I’m not really, what’s the word? I like watching entertaining football. Like Welbeck, he’s entertaining, he just goes for it with no real sense.

I’d rather watch him than somebody like Demba Ba - actually, he’s quite clumsy isn’t he.

Would you agree with people who suggest that Moyes was left with a poor squad - even though they won the league last season?

I definitely don’t think it’s the best team. But Fergie won the league with them. They’ve got the right tools, they’ve got good strikers, I don’t like any of the midfielders.

You know everyone rates Michael Carrick? I think he’s one of the worst players on the planet. He’s like the critic's choice and the first name on the team sheet but I really, really don’t understand him.

I’ve always been like ‘what is this midfield about?’ all the wingers are all like terrified. [Antonio] Valencia is like terrified of the world. Then we’ve got [Adnan] Januzaj - the saviour - and he doesn’t even get played that much.

He [Ferguson] kind of did but I don’t think you can blame that. I think anybody can play better than anybody. I don’t know what they are doing. It seems to be like everyone else has got better. I’ve got watch that many this season because I’ve not had the chance but everyone is playing better.

Liverpool are playing class, I just think everyone has just stepped up. Maybe it’s a psychological thing with Fergie going and everyone thinks they have a chance. To be honest, I’ve rather have it like this. I’m not fussed with winning all the time, I’d rather have an exciting league.
19/10 Manchester United are 19/10 with Paddy Power to beat Everton

My best mate is a Chelsea supporter, he’s our roadie, our bass player is a Liverpool supporter. It’s more fun this way. We have bets and I don’t have to take everyone’s money again.

Who do you want to win the title?

I want United to win the title but that’s definitely not happening. I want to say Liverpool because I actually love the way they are playing. They are absolutely class and great to watch but I don’t want to give my dad the satisfaction. I made a bet with him and my mate who supports Chelsea that we’d end higher than both of them.


Yeah, so I’m out of pocket here.

I want Liverpool to win it purely because they are entertaining. [Luis] Suarez has been class, like proper class. I like him and exactly how they play.

And do you think they can win it?

Yeah, I think anyone can at the minute. I think Chelsea could easily win it but with Mourinho it’s not like a big noticeable thing. If they win it, it won’t be like a big [Jose] Mourinho win, it’d kind of be like when Ferguson won it with 1-0s, it wasn’t very Manchester United - win 1-0 and hold on.

For me, Mourinho hasn’t been the ‘Special One’ this season. I don’t think they’ll win it because it’s not miraculous enough. I think Liverpool will win it. If they do, everyone will just go nuts because they’ve not won it since I was…a sperm cell.

And has Suarez been your player of the season?

No. I think Januzaj has been my favourite. There’s someone else who I’ve rated highly…[David] De Gea. I rate De Gea. I like Welbeck, Januzaj or, yeah, probably Suarez.

And you’ll be following England at the World Cup?

Yeah, man.

How do you rate our chances?

They play like how Ferguson played towards the end - win 1-0 and just enjoying it. They’d beat Zimbabwe 1-0 with a goal in the 80th minute and go nuts. Don’t go nuts over that.

Do you believe in that thing? We had a big discussion the other night and I got rinsed. That 12th man thing. Like the crowd are the 12th man. Do you believe in that?

I think they can give you a boost, a temporary boost, but in terms of a season, there’s other factors other than the fans. If you pull a goal back you’ll get a boost but you still need the quality.

All the lads I said it to said it was definitely a factor. For instance, why do people have better home records and all that stuff? I just think it’s definitely a psychological thing. If you’re a player and you say ‘I’m going to be the best in the world no matter where I am’ and you don’t let it get to you, I think it’s a psychological thing. I think if you can drum it into your team it wouldn’t matter.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo. When everyone was booing him at United, he was playing even better away. They were almost making him better. When we were sat here for the Champions League draw and it was like ‘oh no, we’ve got Munich away in the second leg’ and I thought it didn’t matter.

I just really don’t understand it, I think it’s coincidental. Like United have won more games away than at home haven’t they?

Yeah, they have the best away record in the Premier League.

There you go. So that just makes more sense. They are doing it backwards, unless Moyes is just a freak and making things more complicated.

Have you noticed when he joined he had dark brown hair and now it’s like white?

I’m guessing the plane stunt at Old Trafford didn’t help.

I don’t think anybody really wants him to leave. You don’t want to be one of those teams like everyone else who get rid of managers within an hour.

Like, I wouldn’t mind that, just keep going until we find someone mega. But I don’t think United will do that because they’ll just be the same as everyone else and it’s completely against what they stand for.

I’ve been to a few games this season and the crowd have been class. I went to the Newcastle game and we lost but the crowd were still singing. I think there are more people for him than not.

But yeah, it was a bit grim [the plane stunt]. I’d spend my money on better things. Thing is, whoever sent that probably wasn’t at the game, he was probably organising it. Nugget.

Back to England - will be get out of the group?

If they play Welbeck. I think he’s a genius. He’s so disastrous, how can you defend against somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

If someone comes at you like Ronaldo, you know he’d try a step-over and go right or left. With Welbeck he can just keep running at you and start stumbling and you’re like ‘how do I defend this?’.

Did you see his disallowed goal against Munich? He just does mad stuff and really makes me laugh. I’m thinking if he plays anything can happen.

As long as they don’t play Carrick - the human crab who doesn’t pass forward.

I think if they play quintessentially English football which is just go out and tackle, be messy, have shots and be reckless I think we’ll win. But from what I’ve see it looks like we’re trying to play like Italy, trying to pass it around and all that stuff. I don’t think England will win like that.

I think they just have to be like lads on a schoolyard. Jumpers down and go nuts. Defend for their lives. The less strategy the better for England. I think if we play all the young players like [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain, [Daniel] Sturridge and Welbeck, who haven’t got enough experience to be worried about anything, I think it’d be great. But I think he’ll play [Frank] Lampard and bring [Emile] Heskey out of retirement and get him on.

I just like fearless, wild players. Entertaining stuff. Has Januzaj decided who he is playing for yet?

He hasn’t. He was invited to play for Kosovo but he didn’t play.

Because as far as I can remember we needed a left midfielder. I like Oxlade-Chamberlain but before him, if [Ryan] Giggs was English then we definitely would have won the World Cup, especially with [David] Beckham and [Gary] Neville. We’ve never had a left midfielder, I loved Joe Cole but he never got played. [Paul] Scholes got played on the left wing which was just bizarre. [Steven] Gerrard played left wing - we never had a good left winger.

There’s no really good wingers any more, for me. Like Beckham-style wingers. All the wingers now are heads to the floor, get to the byline, really small and fast people. Beckham was really agile and a really good passer. I don’t think there are many like that any more.

So who do you think will win the World Cup?

[Long pause]. I don’t know. Holland could win it if they sorted themselves out if they stopped fighting. I heard they fight in training and stuff. Maybe Portugal, I don’t know why, but they could do well. And Brazil have got a good team this year.

I don’t think Germany will win it. Or Argentina. I don’t think France will get near it.

I definitely don’t think England can win it. Roy Hodgson doesn’t look the man who can win it. I base football on daft things. Roy Hodgson doesn’t look like who’s going to be on a poster in 40 years time.

Or on a banknote?

Yeah. He’d be the second man to win it for England. He just doesn’t look like it. If it was Harry Redknapp, I could see me telling my kids that ‘yeah, he was a great manager, proper British hard nut, played proper good football’, with Roy Hodgson, I couldn’t see me telling my kids that he was a genius.

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