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On the advice of their membership committee, English football's governing body have blocked owner Assem Allam's plans to rebrand the club and ditch the 110-year-old name

The Football Association has rejected Hull City's controversial move to change their name to Hull Tigers, though owner Assem Allam has confirmed he will appeal the ruling.

Allam had hoped to make the club more marketable by rebranding it, saying the word City was "lousy" and "common", and threatened to sell up if he was not allowed to change the 110-year-old name.

Despite outrage against the name change, Hull season ticket holders voted narrowly in favour of the plans - though the results were deemed "largely meaningless" by a fans' group as the majority of those eligible declined to vote.

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The FA had already been advised in March by its membership committee to reject the plans, and on Wednesday the council acted on that advice and rejected the name change.

"The FA Council has today rejected Hull City’s application to change their playing name to Hull Tigers," read a statement.

"The Council’s decision – carried by a 63.5% vote of its members – came after a recommendation from The FA’s Membership Committee.

"The Council, which is made up of representatives from across football, fully considered the recommendation and the subsequent responses received from Hull City in reaching its decision."

The club reacted to the decision by tweeting: "The club will not be making any comment on the outcome of today's FA meeting... Our focus is on supporting Steve Bruce and the team ahead of Sunday's FA Cup Semi-Final, our first in over 80 years."

Allam, however, later told the BBC: "If it had been the other way round, if the FA had approved it but the fans had said no, I would have severed my ties with the club immediately.

"But the results mean I owe it to the silent majority to appeal and to fight on."

Fan group City 'Till We Die, who campaigned vociferously against the name change, says they are "delighted" with the decision and now "regard this decision as final and that the matter is now closed".