Tottenham midfielder Sandro reveals two-hour heated row after Chelsea collapse

The squad were locked in a crisis meeting amongst themselves after coach Tim Sherwood said the side lacked character and were too friendly following their Stamford Bridge loss
Tottenham midfielder Sandro has revealed that the squad argued for two hours after their 4-0 defeat to Chelsea, but says there is now more accountability amongst the players as a result.

Head coach Tim Sherwood accused the side of lacking character after the Stamford Bridge capitulation, saying “too many of them are too nice to each other and need to show a bit more guts, not want to be someone's mate all the time.”

Sandro says the 45-year-old reiterated that stance with the players in the aftermath of their loss, leading to a frank and heated discussion, but the Brazilian enforcer is convinced that the meeting has cleared the air and will benefit Spurs as the season nears its end.

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“We spent more than two hours in a meeting amongst the players and we said what we had to say. Everyone was shouting,” Sandro told reporters.

“Every player had their fair share to say, let’s put it this way. We all spoke amongst ourselves.

“The manager said the same thing to us as what he said to the press. We had our meeting post-match - sometimes one player got a bit more stressed out and we tried to calm him down and talk in a nice way. We spent about two hours that way.

“We have to put our hearts on the table and pull our sleeves up for the benefit of our team and ourselves.

“But from now on if someone is not doing their work properly, then I think now we - especially the older players - can say something.

“In the past, we probably didn’t say anything because we didn’t want anyone to take it the wrong way. From now on we will pull our sleeves up and tell whoever is not doing their job.

“It is not only the new players. It is everyone. No-one said things before. But now everyone knows. I think everyone can go for it now. This is going to help us.

“We need to show a bit more in next match, to tell the manager that we care. We will do that.”