Chicharito denies criticising Van Persie over Manchester United 'team-mates' comments

The Mexican posted a picture on Instagram with a caption which highlighted the importance of unity following the Dutchman's claims that he was finding it "difficult" on the pitch
Chicharito insists he has not criticised Robin van Persie over the Dutchman’s comments after Manchester United’s defeat to Olympiakos.

Van Persie had claimed he was finding it difficult to find space on the pitch following United's 2-0 defeat in Greece on Tuesday and indicated that he has had to adapt his own game to suit his team-mates.

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"Sometimes I try to find ways to do more but in the areas I wanted to play, my team-mates were often there. This makes it difficult for me,” Van Persie told NOS.

"Then I have to change my tactics to suit my team-mates, and play outside my zone. It's a pity.”

On Thursday, Chicharito posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: “Without your team-mates you can't be somebody in football, always be thankful’.”

But the Mexican, who has made 25 appearances under David Moyes this season, insists the message was not related to Van Persie’s post-match views.

“I need to put this cause things get a little out of context,” Chicharito posted on Twitter.

“Why do the press always take comments out of context, my comment on Instagram had nothing to do with RVP.

“We are great team-mates working for the same goal, the TEAM! & because the team isn’t doing as well as we’d like everyone just wants to make everything look like a bad thing!”