Football's New Year's Resolutions for 2014

January 1 is the time when we all vow to do some more exercise or manage our money better. Goal offers some suggestions to the great and the good of the Premier League and beyond
By George Ankers

I WILL STOP PUSHING AWAY THOSE WHO CAN HELP ME. At the very least, the Chelsea manager will have to stop complaining about it when he does. As the Blues retreat more and more into their counterattacking style of old, so does Everton loanee Romelu Lukaku look more and more like exactly the centre forward that they desperately need.

I WILL EAT MORE HEALTHILY. To his credit, the Liverpool star has already displayed a commitment to giving up Serbians and feasting on goals instead - but going a whole year clean is a tougher task altogether. Stay strong, Luis.

I WILL BECOME MORE INDEPENDENT. It's not healthy to rely on one person so much and, £15 million and no appearances later, the first half of 2013-14 is proof that Allardyce needs to learn to live without Andy Carroll. Kevin Nolan could take a few notes on the subject, too...

I WILL GET THAT DREAM HOME. With Liverpool just waiting on the final go-ahead to get started on redeveloping Anfield, the Toffees are still searching for a suitable site for a new stadium. Plus, of course, the money to build it. With the Champions League a real possibility this season, 2014 is the year to get this done.

I WILL GIVE MORE TO CHARITY. If you reach the point when you are commissioning life-sized statues of yourself and splashing out on boots displaying your own headlines, you officially have too much money. Perhaps it's time that one of those apocryphal stories about passing out thousands to people on the street be made true.

I WILL REDUCE MY WORKLOAD. As admirable a job as they are doing in the Europa League, the Swans' domestic form has suffered as a result, not to mention their injury problems. With enough rest, such an exciting team could aim much higher than 11th. At least their FA Cup third-round tie is away to Manchester United...

I WILL GET A NEW JOB. If Alan Curbishley's miraculous return from the footballing wilderness to take a nebulous role at Fulham means anything, it is that it is never too late to get back on the Premier League money-horse. Forget Guangzhou R&F, Svennis - come home!

I WILL BE MORE OPTIMISTIC. The Red Devils have won six on the trot. They are only three points off fourth, which would represent a perfectly acceptable start for David Moyes, who has only had one transfer window to affect this largely average squad. Sir Alex Ferguson is not coming back but this is hardly Portsmouth. Cheer up.

I WILL HAVE MORE FAITH IN MY EMPLOYEES. Dazzled by the bright lights of West Brom's eight-placed finish last season, the chairman sacked the man who so overachieved when the Baggies did not start to repeat the trick in an altogether tougher division. Whoever succeeds Steve Clarke will do just as well - but for more money.

I WILL THINK ABOUT OTHERS BEFORE MYSELF. Changing the club's colours to red despite the views of the fans. Sacking Malky Mackay because - allegedly - he got too much of the credit for their on-pitch success. 2014, Vincent, must be the year in which you work on taming that massive ego.

I WILL STOP MOANING ABOUT REFEREES. Lee Mason, who awarded the match-winning penalty when Liverpool last beat Manchester City away, is not biased against the Reds. Nor is any referee against anyone. Nobody can argue like this without being made to look stupid, so how about we all just talk about the football rather than the officials?


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