Famous Fan: Bastille, Plymouth

The Bastille drummer discusses his love of all things Plymouth through their ups and downs, and where the hearts of the other band members lie
Goal spoke to Bastille drummer Chris 'Woody' Wood to discuss life as a supporter in the lower leagues and the difficulty of balancing life in a band with trips to Home Park.

So you're a Plymouth fan...

CW: My dad and grandad were both die-hard fans and I was about five years old when I went to my first game. I've been brainwashed, it's not good.

Do you get down to Home Park often?

CW: Basically I had a season ticket up to when I was 18 and went to university. Now I try and catch one or two games a year if I can but we're so busy it's difficult.

Sounds like you've served your time with that season ticket...

CW: Oh yeah definitely [long pause]. I follow their progress every day either on the website, or Twitter, but I'm a die-hard fan... for my sins.

We recently lost our eight-game unbeaten run but I've got a feeling we're going to finish fifth this season, no idea why.

Having said that I'd happily take a season of mid-table mediocrity right now, just because we've been in relegation battle after relegation battle.

Like last year?

CW: We were saved by John Sheridan! We stayed up by one point last year... the only way to do it.

And are you fully behind Sheridan?

CW: I think a lot of Argyle fans are generally quite impatient and maybe their expectations need to be tempered a bit. I think everyone forgets that two years ago we almost didn't exist anymore, the club still had massive debts and although people are complaining we don't sign any big name players anymore, we just cant afford it. The club is run more frugally now.

And this was Ridsdale's fault?

CW: No, no... Risdale saved the club, kept us going for two to three months when we were almost liquidated. It was the previous board who came in and promised to pay this massive wage bill but as soon as the World Cup bid failed, they cleared off! But Sheridan is a good manager, the kind of guy we need, I'm happy with him.

And how about the new guy, James Brent?

CW: He's looking to turn it into a real business, the new grandstand should be done this time next year and then the club should be running all year rather than just in the season. Looks like he knows what he's doing.

How about as a youth, did you play football?

CW: I played for school, and little club sides in Devon. I was a goalkeeper mainly, I was pretty short though, so kept getting lobbed.

Just like me! So what are you up to at the moment?

CW: We're charging around America like lunatics right now. It's incredibly lucky that we're doing this - it's the best job in the world. We're very fortunate.

And you have a new album out?

CW: The album has just gone mad. Pompeii has gone round the world, it's completely smashed any expectations we ever had. We're very lucky indeed.

And we noticed it has 48m hits on Youtube...

CW: Yeah that's just my parents hitting the refresh button!

Your tour brings you back at xmas, excited?

CW: Yes, we've got two weeks off and then back on it in January. Uk tour in March... busy boys.

So what about the other bandmates, who do they support?

CW: Kyle is a QPR fan and goes to a couple of games a season. Will is a Tottenham fan... what he doesn't know about Gary Mabbutt, no-one does. And Dan is a Wimbledon fan of about 20 years.

So do you have a Premier League team?

CW: Not really, no. I don't have a top-flight team. I'm Argyle through and through. But I wouldn't mind seeing Liverpool win it this season purely because I love Steven Gerrard. And I wouldn't mind Arsenal to win it too as it's been 8 years.

Finally...your nickname 'Woody' - is it an imaginative version of your surname or are you just a huge Toy Story fan?

CW: Just the surname actually. I've had 15 different names but you've got to differentiate yourself...

"All This Bad Blood” is out now http://bastillebastille.com/