Famous Fan: Olly Murs, Manchester United

The artist, who has recently re-released his album 'Right Place, Right Time', does not expect the title to return to Old Trafford this season and is a fan of Geoffrey Kondogbia
Goal caught up for Olly Murs to discuss David Moyes' tenure so far at Manchester United, the need for a new midfielder and his own experiences with football - including being an ambassador for the Football Association's 150th anniversary.

How do you rate Manchester United's season so far?

OM: We are definitely not where we should be, but we are pushing in the right direction and Robin van Persie is coming back in the next few weeks. We are looking OK.

The league table doesn't lie, we are ninth, but it's been one of those seasons where everyone has been taking points off everyone else.

Obviously with Sir Alex Ferguson leaving the club we've had to re-jig the whole setup. David Moyes has come in with his new backroom staff.

[Moyes] had time to buy players but, unfortunately, I don't think he had the time to see the players that much during pre-season to make the call to see who he needs.

I think now he knows exactly who he needs and that is strengthening the midfield department. January will be a big test for David.

Do you consider United to be Premier League title contenders?

OM: It was always going to be a difficult situation to come into. We had Rene [Meulensteen] and Mike Phelan doing a job last season. The training has probably changed, the set-up has changed a lot behind the scenes.

It's still a lot for David Moyes to figure out and I don't think we will see the benefits of the changes for the next six to seven months up to the end of the season.

I still think we have a good chance to win the title. I think any fan of a club in the top seven will say they want to win the title and I want United to win it, but my heart is telling me that realistically we cannot win it this season.

But, we must finish in second to get into the automatic Champions League places. As a Man Utd fan I would be aiming for second or third place.

As long as we challenge, that's all I care about. I wasn't expecting David Moyes to come in and win the title in his first season. Hopefully we will be challenging next season.

You mention a need for a new midfielder, what about summer signing Marouane Fellaini?

OM: He's slow. He has hasn't really played much, to be fair. I'm sure if he was still at Everton he would be playing every week.

The way we play as a team is very different to Everton, so he's got to adapt to that. He looks very slow and sluggish and gives the ball away a lot.

We are lucky to have [Michael] Carrick, who's brilliant with the ball and his distribution is fantastic, so we are looking for someone to partner him.

We need two midfielders; one to get and keep the ball and one to create the pass for [Wayne] Rooney and Van Persie or get the ball wide.

I've wanted [Luka] Modric at United for quite some time. I think he is everything we need. I think if we'd signed him three or four years ago, we wouldn't be having this discussion. He's that good. He can create chances, keep the ball, y'know. Just someone in his mould, like Cesc Fabregas.

If I could have a young Paul Scholes or young Roy Keane back into the team, that would be ideal. I don't think we need the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the presence of a Scholes or Keane would improve where we are in the table.

They are the kind of midfielders we need but are not for sale. So we need to find someone who is not a big, big name and can bring in and nurture.

Such as...?

OM: Geoffrey Kondogbia. He played in Rio Ferdinand's testimonial [when he was at Sevilla] and was the best player on the pitch by a mile.

We lost that kind of player when [Paul] Pogba left to go to Juventus. We have [Adnan] Januzaj coming through who looks a great talent, of course.

You are an ambassador for the Football Association's 150th anniversary...

OM: Yeah, and I have been for a while. It's been a great experience for me. I haven't been able to do as much as I'd have liked due to my schedule but they have been great.

Football is a big part of everyone's life and I want to show you can do football and music together, down to the grass roots.

I played at St. George's Park against Nick Grimshaw, which was great and we have a rematch at Wembley Stadium coming up [on December 10].

We've got a great line-up and I've picked the team which I think can win. I can't tell you [any names] I'm afraid. It's all hush-hush. But everyone seems very committed and up for it so it'll be a great experience.

You have previously taken part in Soccer Aid as well.

OM: I did Soccer Aid twice with Robbie [Williams] and we are looking to do another one next year. To be a big football fan, play at Old Trafford and to meet all the players... I've played against Ryan Giggs, which not many people can say.

I'm just delighted to be given the opportunity. It was really good fun.

What is your own personal history with football?

OM: I genuinely wanted to pursue it as a professional. My uncle was a professional for Colchester United years ago. It was always instilled in my family to be a football player.

I used to practice all the time and got myself to a decent standard in semi-professional football. I was never quite good enough to make it professional.

I'm delighted with what I achieved, one of my mates who I used to play with is now a professional for Gillingham, Cody McDonald.

You've had an extremely busy year, what are you up to next?

OM: The Royal Variety Show is coming up, we recorded that a week ago, which was a really great experience to perform on that.

I'm really excited that the album re-release is out as we've re-touched it for the fans. It did a great tour and people will get a chance to watch it at Christmas.

Being on tour with Robbie was brilliant. We are such big football fans and we got to perform at Wembley Stadium, the Etihad Stadium - which was a bit weird for me, but I still got to sing a United song on stage which was funny - and the San Siro. It was amazing.

'Right Place Right Time' Special Edition is out now www.ollymurs.com