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The 50-year-old insists he has no issue with the penalty awarded to Manchester United against Real Sociedad, especially with referee positioned "two yards away"

Manchester United manager David Moyes has refuted claims that Ashley Young dived to win a penalty against Real Sociedad.

Moyes had previously declared that he "does not like diving" and "does not want his players diving" after Young was booked in an attempt to win a penalty against Crystal Palace back in September.

But the Scot defended the 28-year-old after winning a penalty in their midweek Champions League fixture and revealed that he had not seen fit to speak with him about the incident.

"I didn't see an issue at all," he told reporters. "The referee was two yards away from it and gave a penalty. If you need to talk to anybody, you should ask the referee.

"The question is loaded towards the player. That is wrong. The question should be 'did the referee get the decision right or not'.

"He was two yards away from it. For me, where I was, I definitely thought it was a penalty. Everybody can now stand back and watch it from TV.

"I was one of many who said I would definitely have retrospective action for diving because it would make the referees job much better.

"But on the night, if you had said, could you get the referee any closer, I don't think you could."