'I'm no rookie' - Moyes ready for challenge of managing Manchester United

The new Old Trafford boss believes club legend Sir Alex Ferguson is irreplaceable, but insists he will use his experience at Everton to defend the Red Devils' Premier League crown
David Moyes admits it will be impossible for Manchester United to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, but insists he is 'no rookie' ahead of defending the club's Premier League title in his first season at Old Trafford.

The 71-year-old Scot departed the club this summer after collecting 38 trophies in 26 years at Old Trafford, including 13 Premier League titles and two Champions League successes.

Moyes spent 11 years at Everton before moving to Old Trafford, and while the 50-year-old says nobody can replicate Ferguson's success at the club, he is ready to be his own man in trying to retain the 2012-13 title for his new side.

5/1 David Moyes is 5/1 with BetVictor to see out his six-year contract at Man utd
"I'll not be better than him [Ferguson]," he told reporters. "It will not get better than Sir Alex Ferguson. It just won't.

"What has to happen is the club has to keep moving forward. I do think that I am ready for the job. I worked hard at Preston. I worked hard at Everton.

"I've worked for a long time to get myself in a position where maybe I'd be fortunate enough to land one of the big jobs. In my mind I've landed the biggest job.

"I'm a rookie at Manchester United but I am not a rookie overall. I'm going to work hard to maintain Manchester United at the top of the league.

"Sometimes it's forgotten I've managed in the Premier League for 11 years so I'm relatively experienced."

The pressure to emulate Ferguson is intense, yet Moyes says his continued presence on the board can only aid the club - and even hinted that the former boss could help out with potential transfer deals.

"Look, Sir Alex is still here and I want him to be around," he continued. "I've probably had half a dozen conversations with him already. I went to see him at home the other day. He was great.

"He's recovering from his hip operation. I will use him for advice. He'll be a great mentor for me. This club has ways and means of attracting the top players to the club and if we needed to use Sir Alex he'd be more than happy to help."

Moyes faces the difficult task of continuing the success at Old Trafford while shaping the club in his own image, and admits fans will have to be patient with him while the club undergoes its first manegerial change in 26 years.

"It might take me 18 months to two years to get things changed around. At a club like Manchester United, Ill get the opportunity to do that.

"The previous manager left things in place that are really important and the most important and impressive is the winning mentality. They've won the league and now it's: 'Let's win the next one.' You feel it. The players' edge and spirit of competitiveness has really made me stand up and see the difference."