Premier League chief Scudamore hails Hawk-Eye

The company's Goal Decision System has been installed at all 20 top-flight clubs ahead of the new season, and the 52-year-old is confident it will end all goal-line disputes
Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has hailed the impending introduction of Hawk-Eye in England's top flight.

The British-based firm beat off competition from rival bidder Cairos to secure what Goal understands is a five-year contract worth £100 million starting with the upcoming new season.

Scudamore is confident the new system will prevent dubious goal-line decisions in the future, describing the equipment as different to DRS in cricket as it gives a definitive decision and not part of a review process.

"It's going to be an absolute decision," Scudamore told Sky Sports News at a public demonstration of the system at the Emirates Stadium. "There'll be no argument - it'll be fact and that's for the good of the game.

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"There are seven cameras at each goal, and it's a very quick decision - within a second all the officials will know. The technical system will tell the referees and it's very simple - it either will or won't be over the line. If there was any doubt in my mind we wouldn't be doing it at all there's too much at stake.

"There is no goal-line incident in the 21-year history of the Premier League that this system wouldn't have been able to identify. There were 31 incidents last year that could have benefited from this technology. It will work, it's been fully tested.

"We're in a very different situation [to cricket]. This is not a review system, there's no person reviewing anything. I don't see that this system will lead to anything like the same discussions."

Meanwhile, inventor Paul Hawkins is excited at the potential of Hawk-Eye and highlighted their previous success in other sports.

"It's a day of great pride and a day of great responsibility just to deliver the system to the Premier League, the FA and to football," Hawkins added.

"The eyes of football will be watching and it needs to get off to a great start and deliver an accurate, reliable system that we know we can deliver.

"The system is as close to 100% as any piece of technology can ever be. We have a great track record in other sports for delivering accurate, reliable technology. Those sports trust us and we now have to build that reputation in football.

"Whether the ball goes over the line is 100% definitive which is why there is no human involved as in DRS in cricket."