Swansea need £200m to improve – Laudrup

The Swansea boss believes only a large financial investment in the club’s playing staff will enable him to better last season’s ninth place Premier League finish
Michael Laudrup has told Swansea that the club will need to invest a huge amount of money in the club if they want to improve on last season’s performance.

The Dane led the Swans to a ninth-place Premier League finish in his first season, as well as winning the Capital One Cup, earning them a place in the Europa League.

The season has been hailed the most successful in the club’s history, but the 48-year-old believes improving on such achievements presents a major challenge.

“Unless we find a couple of hundred million pounds I think last season we achieved nearly the maximum we can in terms of the table,” he told reporters.

“There are always things you can improve, but there are not many higher positions we can look at. Even consolidating is going to be very difficult."

“Some of the teams below us this season will invest heavily; West Ham, Newcastle, Aston Villa. They are huge clubs who want to take the place where we are right now.”