Di Canio threatens to cut short Sunderland players' summer break

The Black Cats boss has cancelled his team's holiday plans and ordered them in for training the day after the final game of the season, after fining seven players in five days
Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio will cut short his players' summer holiday if they do not perform well against Tottenham in the final league match of the season.

The Black Cats' Premier League status is secure following Wigan's midweek loss against Arsenal, and a number of players are already planning trips abroad.

But Di Canio has warned his players that, unless they work hard and perform well at White Hart Lane, he will prevent them from taking a vacation – a promise that is sure to delight Spurs' top-four rivals Arsenal.

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"I told them we can win, draw or lose with dignity, respecting the club's name and the fans who follow them. But if not, I will reduce their holiday," Di Canio told reporters.

"If anybody has booked a holiday for Monday, they are going to lose some money.

"Why would they book a holiday on Monday? Why would they book a holiday before April 1? They are not being serious, they have to ask me.

"If they did it before it is wrong and if somebody gave them a chance to organise a holiday in January or February it is wrong. I will see what happens on Sunday, then we will come back together, and I will tell them when their holidays start.

"They have 44 days' holidays. The minimum I am obliged to give them is 28, four weeks - 44 days is incredible. They have already had 100 days, probably!"

Di Canio also revealed that he has issued numerous fines to players over the past week, and has began enacting a far stricter disciplinary policy than was observed under former boss Martin O'Neill.

"There are many problems. In the last five days, I give out seven fines for silly things," the Italian continued.

"For instance, I say no names, but missing signing sessions.

"It is seven steps upstairs to the room. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Every Friday morning, 20 items to sign. They forget! It’s in their contract. Just 20 signatures.

"It’s not fair. Before it happened many times. They didn’t get fined before, now they do.

"They have to start somewhere or never change -  a small problem becomes a big problem. We have to respect rules, otherwise we never change. Seven in five days.

"I delivered the envelopes today and say, 'I have a fine for you. The maximum amount possible. You can appeal to the PFA if you want to but these are the rules.' People say it is too tough? No."