Pardew to hold talks with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley over future

Just 12 months after signing a seven-year contract with the Magpies, the manager will discuss his long-term future at St James' Park with the man who owns and controls the club
Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew is to hold talks over his future at the club following a season in which he admits they have underachieved and are still in danger of being relegated.

The former Southampton boss said the meeting with club owner Mike Ashley will be "uncomfortable" as they have both underachieved in their respective roles.

After finishing in fifth position in the Premier League in 2011-12 and qualifying for Europe, Pardew signed a long-term seven-year deal at the club and hopes the powers that be can see he is not solely to blame for this season's disappointing performance.

"It'll be uncomfortable for us both, because we've both underachieved. Him as an owner and me as a manager," Pardew told the Daily Mirror.

"We need to find out what the reasons were, and then it's for Mike - hopefully with me - to decide how to go forward."

When Pardew was asked to explain exactly how he thought the club had underachieved, he said: "I'm talking about as a club - we've underachieved as a club. So the point is: We all take responsibility.

"I don't want you to draw that up as anything else. I'm trying to make the point that we've got to be honest.

"That ultimate decision is not mine, so we could get the points we need and Mike could decide he needs to move to another manager.

"I like to think that he won't, that next year we'll stay with myself, and we need to make some changes and we'll do that.

"We know we've got an uncomfortable conversation regarding the form this year, the underachievement that's been mentioned, and everything else."

The Magpies currently occupy 17th position in the Premier League, just one place above the relegation places with only two games remaining.

"My job is to manage this football club with dignity, with honesty, which I've done - not just with the players but with the press and, more importantly, with our fans," Pardew continued.

"Hopefully it'll be good enough to keep my job. It's a privilege and honour. I'm confident enough that I want to be the manager of this football club.

"Some of the issues I've had this year - the injuries more than anything, to key players at key times - have been a massive blow to this football club. That's something we can't afford to happen.

"We finished fifth last year and everybody perhaps assumed we'd roll into that sort of season again. We didn't. Those reasons I shall keep to myself for this time, but I have relative views on that.

"In terms of, 'Were we good enough?' Well, we couldn't have been, because this is where we are."