Gael Clichy wants Roberto Mancini to remain at Manchester City

The former Arsenal defender is hoping the Premier League-winning boss will continue to manage the club, despite reports linking the Italian away from the Etihad in the summer
Gael Clichy has insisted he wants Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini to remain at the Etihad, despite suggestions he should be sacked for their disappointing Premier League title defence and poor Champions League performances.

The former Arsenal defender has become a City first-team player under the Italian, who has helped the club win the FA Cup, Premier League and Charity Shield in the past few years. 

And France international Clichy has defended his manager, believing City must have stability in order to move forward as a club and compete in the Champions League.

"Some people will say we should have done better and want the manager out," Clichy told The Mirror. "OK, you can understand it and we have people at the top who will decide that.

"But then you have others who think we have won maybe three things in three years and if we change the manager then the new one will bring in four or five players, take three or four out. That's 40 per cent of the team and then you need time to adjust.

"That means in a way you're moving a bit backwards when what you really want is to build year after year. I just try and give my best for the team and the people at the top will decide.

"In three years he won the Charity Shield, the Premier League and the FA Cup. For some that would be great. Others think that with all the money the club have invested, anyone could have done it. You can't win.

"But the reality is we won the title last year and there are not a lot of teams who retain it the following season. So can you blame the manager for that?

"You can also blame the players, because we are the ones that make things happen on the pitch. It's a no-win situation for everyone."

Despite there being a 12-point gap between the two Manchester sides in the Premier League, Clichy does not feel that this is a true reflection of their quality.

"I don't believe they [Manchester United] have been better than us, but I do believe the way they win when they were not the best team is important. We've had games where we've been the best team but haven't won. We've thrown so many games away.

"Sometimes you just don't find the answer. We don't want to hide behind things but sometimes there are reasons.

"I believe the spirit in the squad was not always there and again, from what we did at Old Trafford, we know the quality is there.

"It's about fight, about being willing to hurt yourself and to fight for your mates. We do fight for each other, but sometimes we weren't 100 per cent."