Pulis still has the belief to take Stoke City forward

Despite the club's fans questioning his ability, the 55-year-old Welshman shows no lessening of either the confidence or passion needed to fire the Potters onwards and upwards
Stoke City boss Tony Pulis has seen his managerial ability and leadership qualities questioned by some of the club's fans in recent weeks, but remains convinced he is the right man to secure the Potters' Premier League status.

Stoke are currently 13thin the table, only four points off the relegation zone, but a win against 18th-placed Aston Villa on Saturday should seal Premier League football for another season.

"I have this restlessness, I’m relentless to do things. My wife will say I’m an absolute nightmare,” Pulis told The Telegraph.

"What frustrates me more than anything is that I push on so far and people become complacent, lose that bit of edge, and it’s very difficult to keep driving people on. That’s probably the greatest fault of mine: I expect everybody to be like me. So it disappoints me when they don’t move as quickly as I want to move, don’t give as much as I want to give.

"I’ve had to adapt to [dealing with players] two generations younger than myself. They are different human beings to the ones I’ve been brought up with. They’ve been privileged people from an early age and are used to getting what they want. You have to be careful you don’t offend them yet still drive them to improve themselves.

"Yes I am tactile but the lads will say I can lose my temper. They’d not want to cross me. They respect me because they realise if they need any help, I’ll always be there for them.

"Their families are important to me. We have people looking after them, find them houses, the best places to shop and eat."

Since guiding the Potters to the Premier League, Pulis has come a long way, earning praise from some but criticism from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger over Stoke’s style-of-play.

"It’s a compliment. If you look at Wenger, he’s desperate not to play against us, especially at the Britannia. Just hates coming here. If Arsenal beat a team 5-0, he’s so complimentary about the club, the manager and the style of football. We beat them 2-0 at the Britannia and he absolutely slaughtered us. If we were just a walk in the park, Arsene would leave us alone."