The FA is not fit for purpose, insists Parry

The former Liverpool chief executive says the Football Association has failed to progress since the inception of England's top tier but hopes Greg Dyke can have a positive impact
Former Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry says that the Football Association is "not fit for purpose", claiming the Premier League is streets ahead.

The 58-year-old has made accusations against the FA, saying they have failed to tackle important issues in today's game, and believes that the Premier League has left the governing body in the dust as it continues to grow.

Parry spoke of the expectation in 1992 for the FA to develop and modernise, but claims that has not been the case.

"When we formed the Premier League, we had all sorts of dialogue about reforming the FA, but the FA did not change and I think they just got completely left behind," Parry told The Sun.

"The FA is not fit for purpose. The Premier League has raced ahead and succeeded, and in areas where you might expect the governing body to take a lead."

However, Parry was supportive of the recent appointment of Greg Dyke as FA chairman, insisting the former manager could help bring the Football Association up to speed.

He added: "You need a governing body that has balance and that is what Greg Dyke will bring."