Cech: Everybody at Chelsea should express their opinion

Recent reports have suggested that several senior members of the Blues' squad have had disagreements with interim boss Rafa Benitez but the goalkeeper insists this is normal
Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has defended his team-mates' right to disagree with interim manager Rafa Benitez.

It has been recently alleged that senior players have voiced their concern over Benitez's training methods, and the Spaniard's rant against the club's board and fans in midweek has done little to quieten concerns.

However, Cech has insisted players should be able to contribute their opinions in order for the squad to communicate effectively.

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"Everybody should have a chance to express an opinion," the Czech Republic international told reporters.

"We have had a lot of success thanks to the honesty and open mind everyone has in the dressing room.

"When we see something is going wrong, people have the right to express themselves and say we think this is wrong, we should improve that, we need to try to find a different solution.

"It helps because communication is a very big part of a football club. If you have wrong communication in your relationship it can fall apart.

"So this is where we try to give the feedback. It is important for the coach to know the feedback.

"This is the moment when we are not doing exactly as we want to do but we are willing to change the situation. Everyone, coaching staff, us, is trying to change it.

"Obviously we have only one boss. That is the manager and it is up to him if he wants to listen to what the players say or find his own way to go through."

Blues supporters chanted the names of former managers Roberto Di Matteo and Jose Mourinho during the weekend win over West Brom, but Cech believes the songs were not simply an attempt to undermine Benitez.

"We had a fantastic success with him so why not?" he replied.

"He is a fantastic manager. Of course the fans still sing his name and also for Robbie Di Matteo. If you win the Champions League you deserve that.

"Jose Mourinho did a fantastic job for the club and people loved him so he rightly deserved that. This is the way it should be, the fans should pay their respect for the players and the ex-players who come here to the Bridge.

"But whoever comes to take the job in the end I hope he will have better luck and that he will stay. I have been saying that for six years, I hope the new manager will find the momentum and he will stay."