Giggs will consider further season with Manchester United

The veteran midfielder has expressed his gratitude to Sir Alex Ferguson for allowing him to manage his own fitness in the latter stages of his illustrious career at Old Trafford
Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs says he will consider whether to continue his career beyond the current campaign at the end of the season.

Giggs is the most decorated player in Premier League history and has suggested that he may play past his 40th birthday in November.

The former Wales international has made over 900 appearances at Old Trafford and believes Sir Alex Ferguson's flexibility in allowing him to manage his own fitness has allowed him to play on for more than 20 seasons.

"I will see how I feel and see how I am contributing, and then I will sit down to talk with the manager," he told the Sunday People.

"The manager is brilliant with me and at this stage of my career he really allows me to manage myself in terms of my fitness and training.

"In a way I suppose I get an easier ride than some of the younger lads and that’s because the manager recognises I have different needs at this point.

The 39-year-old insists, however, that he has to keep himself in peak condition in order to compete in the top flight.

"But don't get me wrong, my fitness has to be spot on otherwise I just couldn't compete with the rest of the guys either in training or during matches," he continued.

"But as for normal training, I do what the other lads do. The only difference is my recovery process is slightly longer at my age and the manager appreciates that.

"The rest of it is just like it's always been in that you have got to take care of yourself at this club, work hard and look after yourself."

Giggs also admitted that his experience did not spare him from the wrath of the 71-year-old manager in the dressing room.

"I don't think anyone is ever spared the ­hairdryer from the manager," he said. "No one is ever ­allowed to rest on their laurels and I'm no different."