Gerrard: I wouldn't confess if I scored handball winner against Manchester United

The Liverpool captain admits he would celebrate if he scored via his hand at Old Trafford on Sunday and has branded anyone who calls Luis Suarez a cheat a hypocrite
Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard says he would not confess if he scored a handball winner against Manchester United this Sunday.

His team-mate Luis Suarez was embroiled in another controversy after the ball clearly struck his hand in the lead-up to his goal for Liverpool against Mansfield in the FA Cup last weekend.

The Uruguayan was castigated by sections of the press and public for not openly admitting his offence, but Gerrard has branded anyone calling him a cheat a hyprocrite.
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"Look, I’m not going to lie to you - of course I celebrate", he told The Mirror.

"I can’t sit here and claim I would run to the linesman or referee and say, 'I’ve hand-balled it' at Old Trafford.

"What would Wayne Rooney do?

"What did [then-Manchester United goalkeeper] Roy Carroll do years ago when the ball was four yards over the line [in a match at Old Trafford against Tottenham]?

"I never saw Alex Ferguson or Carroll run to the referee or linesman and say it was over the line, did you?”

Suarez is no stranger to controversy, especially at Old Trafford, but Gerrard believes Liverpool need to concentrate on the match, which he described as still the biggest rivalry in football.

“It is massive, and still the biggest game for both clubs,” he explained.

“They are obviously above us in league titles, but we’ve still got more European Cups than them - so the rivalry is not going anywhere for a long time.

“Manchester City have their new owners and stuff, but Alex Ferguson was quoted last year saying Liverpool is still their biggest game - and that’s not changed [on] this side either.”