Sterling: My mum thinks she’s Jose Mourinho!

The 18-year-old is one of the Premier League’s brightest emerging talents but says guidance from his very own ‘Special One’ has kept his feet firmly on the ground
Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling has paid tribute to his mother's influence on his burgeoning career, comparing her to Jose Mourinho.

Nadine Sterling left her four sons, including Raheem, in Jamaica when she came to England to find work before bringing them with her when the Liverpool winger was five years old.

Despite a hard start to life in the country, the England international is now reaping the rewards of his mother’s hard work and admits she is still a constant presence.

“My Mum rules my life - she’s a nightmare at times, but I love her and she’s the main person in my life,” Sterling told The Daily Mirror. “She has got a very strong personality and thinks she’s the boss!

“When I get home from training, she’s there, in my face. She’s there 24/7. I don’t know where she gets her knowledge from. At first she wouldn’t come to the games, but then she saw how much I liked it and really got into it.

"Now she thinks she’s Jose Mourinho!

“Some of the stuff she’s telling me, the manager is telling me as well. She really knows about the game and how to play, what to do.

“She tells me where I could have done better, if I miss a chance then that’s it - I’m done. She gives me no sympathy if I’ve had a bad game. But she tries to be constructive with her criticism, not to put me down. She’s been great for me.

“I’ve got good people around me. My family have all moved up to Liverpool to be with me.

"My agents, Rob Segal and Aidy Ward at Impact Sports Management, look after me. Aidy is getting into my head to do more - do more on the pitch - and also how to behave off it.

“I’ve always been a grounded kid and always will be. I will never forget what I’ve been through, difficult times with my mum and my family. It has been tough at times but it makes you appreciate what you have now.”