PFA chief calls for video technology to stop diving

Gordon Taylor refused to criticise individual players, but urged all involved in football to unite against simulation and continue to keep the sport at the cutting edge

Gordon Taylor, the chief of the Players’ Football Association, has called for video technology to aid the sport in punishing players for diving during matches.

Simulation has become a major talking point once more after Arsenal’s 2-0 victory against West Brom on Saturday, where Santi Cazorla threw himself to the ground despite little, if any, contact between him and defender Steven Reid.

Taylor refused to criticise individual players for their actions, but insisted that the football world must unite against those who engage in such activities and condemn them, suggesting that video technology may be the way forwards.

"I don't want to personalise it because he wouldn't be the first player accused of diving and he won't be the last, but it's an issue that we all need to address," Taylor told Sky Sports News.

"Management, coaching staff, players and supporters have all got to buy into this and condemn it.

"This has been a non-stop subject for a long time now - how we best deal with it given the pace of the game and the difficulties for referees and the assistant referees to judge

"I think it's going to be inevitable that if technology comes in for goalline decisions and penalty decisions, then it will help in these situations.

"Other sports move on and use technology and do all they can to be as successful as football, so we've got to keep at that cutting edge.”