Wenger insists Arsenal 'crisis' will pass

The Frenchman expresses his dissatisfaction with the Gunners' current position and his squad's lack of confidence but claims that their situation is "not dramatic"
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists that the "crisis" surrounding the Gunners will soon move on to another club.

The north London side suffered a 2-1 defeat to Manchester United on Saturday, which leaves them nine points short of Sir Alex Ferguson's side at the top of the Premier League with just 10 games played.

But the Frenchman believes that the negativity surrounding his side will not last and emphasised the fickle nature of such criticisms.

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"The crisis is like a fire with a strong wind, it moves very quickly from one club to another," Wenger told reporters, "and you have to be careful because the fire can quickly come back.

"We are criticised many times for giving chances away but we are not used to being criticised for not creating. The structure of our team is based on creativity.

"[But] even if the situation is serious, it is not dramatic. You think I am happy with not competing for the title? No. We want to get back into that position. I am confident we will bounce back."

The Gunners boss is adamant that his team do not lack quality but bemoaned an absence of confidence among the squad.

"I have a team of great players – at the moment they forget it a little bit," he observed. "I feel some players are still in an adaptation period coming to our club.

"What is important is that we find our game back. Our game is about going forward, creating chances. What is important for us is to create chances which we don't do at the moment."