Everton captain Phil Neville is a snitch and Moyes' pet, says Van der Meyde

The former Goodison Park player has sensationally attacked his former team-mate, stating his belief that the Toffees boss used the midfielder to get more information on his players
Former Everton player Andy van der Meyde has attacked club captain Phil Neville, labelling him a "snitch" and saying he was only in his position at the club by virtue of being David Moyes' "pet".

The Dutch midfielder had a troubled time at Goodison Park and has revealed a number of startling facts in his autobiography, with Moyes and Neville coming under particular criticism.

And Van der Meyde shockingly says he almost came to blows with Moyes on one occasion, with the Scottish manager desperate to remove the costly player from the wage bill.

"[Neville] was Moyes' pet so I picked on him a lot. I think he told everything that was going on to the boss and that's why he was captain, he was a snitch," he says in his autobiography.

"It is a complete joke [Neville] played more than 250 games for Manchester United and almost 60 games for England."

Van der Meyde struggled to hold down a regular place at Everton, and almost fought Moyes after refusing to participate in a warm-down session after a game.

"For a home game with Middlesbrough I spent 90 minutes on the bench and was p***ed off," he explained. "At Everton, players who don't play have a training session at the end of the game. But I didn't go on the pitch.

"Moyes said: 'What are you doing?' I said: 'I'm going home.' Moyes replied: 'No, you have to do your training.'

"I said: 'You can stick it.' Moyes grabbed me by the throat and screamed: 'You are going to do your training.'

"I said: 'Go on hit me, hit me!' Steam was coming out of Moyes' ears but he let me go and two minutes later he gave me his hand and apologised."

And Van der Meyde believes his high wages were also a sticking point for Moyes, who tried to force him out of the club.

"Moyes was sick to the stomach that he had to pay me £30,000 a week yet in two years I didn't even play 20 matches.

"At West Ham I was 19th man and got a ticket for the stands. I just walked out still in my Everton kit and got a cab back to Liverpool."

Van der Meyde also struggled when his daughter became ill - and even stole pills from the club doctor to self-medicate.

"I was going through lots of bottles of wine and Bacardi and because I never got tired I started taking sleeping pills to get my night's rest," he continued.

"Soon I couldn't sleep without popping a pill - I was addicted. The pills were pretty heavy, the kind you only get with a doctor's prescription. So I stole them from the office of the club doctor and no one noticed, for more than two years I stole those pills."