Racial abuse sanctions will be reassessed, promises FA chairman

David Bernstein has insisted the punishments handed down by the football governing body will come under review in light of John Terry's recent four-match ban
Football Association chairman David Bernstein has insisted the organisation will reassess the severity of sanctions administered for racial abuse.

The FA have been heavily criticised after Chelsea captain John Terry, who was found guilty of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, received a four-match ban and a £220,000 fine as punishment.

A number of players have expressed their disappointment at a perceived lack of action from the sport's governing body in dealing with issues of racism but Bernstein has promised a full review.

"It's on the agenda to look at it again," he told Sky Sports.

"I think the tariffs will need looking at but given the existing scenarios and given other punishments elsewhere actually the commission got it pretty much right."

Anti-discrimination campaign 'Kick it Out' have also been criticised by several prominent figures within the game for a lack of effective action towards reducing racism.

Rio and Anton Ferdinand were amongst a number of players who refused to wear t-shirts endorsing the campaign at the weekend.

However, despite sympathising with the protestors' stance, Bernstein remains fully supportive of 'Kick it Out' and expressed hope that players could follow suit.

"We support Kick It Out in every respect both morally and financially. I have got to know the chairman Lord Herman Ouseley and he has done fantastically well," he added.

"He has given me a very hard time even in my first week as chairman, and has been very tough with us but always been very fair.

"We have to understand on moral issues people have to be able to make their own choices, but I hope it doesn't lead to a fragmentation, in the interests of everybody.

"I have great respect for all the parties, for Anton Ferdinand and Rio Ferdinand. Of course I understand their sensitivities. They have had a pretty rough time. Anton has had a very difficult time as has had his family.

"The fact this thing has taken so long - even though I would justify the process - certainly hasn't helped. I'm uncomfortable that people feel uncomfortable, I feel that overall the FA has handled recent issues, not just John Terry, actually very well"